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Shenmue 3 is a 2019 action-adventure game developed by Ys Net, published by Deep Silver for Windows and PlayStation 4 and produced by Shibuya Productions. Like the previous Shenmue games, it consists of open-world environments interspersed with brawler battles and quick time events. It features a day-and-night system, variable weather effects, non-player characters with daily schedules, and various minigames. The story continues teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki’s quest to find his father’s killer in the mountains of 1980s Guilin, China.

Director Yu Suzuki conceived Shenmue as a saga spanning multiple games. The first two games were developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega for the Dreamcast in 1999 and 2001. The original Shenmue was the most expensive video game ever developed at the time, with an estimated production and marketing cost of over US$47 million, though this also covered some of Shenmue II and groundwork for future Shenmue games. Despite attracting a cult following, the games were commercial failures.

save 1
you are in front of a man, tank to him and chop some wood (aorund 50) for Chopping Master, then sell herbs to the same man till u get 1000 Yuan for Fat Cat, buy 10 and 100 oranges for Regular Shopper and Super Shopper U must play till u get Verdant Bridge’s Secret sorry but i didnt know when the trophy pop
save 2
talk to the man and play minigames for Gon
save 3
Climb up the bell tower for Scenic Point and go on for Bailu Village (this is the last save in bailu. before climb u can free roam around and try to get all the herbs and fishing spots. i didnt by now)
save 4
Go in the big road and save the man for Dan
save 5
this probably have some tasks to do before going for Inseparable, its a story trophy but didnt know he pop
save 6
story trophy Yi
save 7
story trophy vip
save 8
modified save for Village Tycoon and City Magnate u can then convert money into tokens for Novice Gambler, Experienced Gambler and King of Gamblers, buy around 800 items in stores for Shopkeeper?
save 9
play with the capsule (with the hats) and hopefully u will get Capsule Fan
save 10
same as the other with buddhas Capsule Star


some trophies

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