PS4 Firmwares

PS4 Firmwares – Download and Update PS4 Official Firmware Version

PS4 Official Firmware Version

PS4 Firmware

PS4 Official Firmware Version

PS4 Firmware means that you cannot jailbreak your console. All the models of PS4 consoles like FAT, Slim, and Pro can be easily jailbreakable. But you can only jailbreak the limited PS4 firmwares like 4.05, 4.55 and 5.05. On the other hand, if we talk about the jailbreak for 5.50 or 5.55 then here is a good news for you.

They jailbroken privately but still not released publicly. An example, if you are on a lower firmware like 4.70 and you try to jailbreak your PS4 console then first you need to update your console to 5.05 manually. If you update your console through internet then your console version will automatically be updated to the latest version i.e., 5.56. Once your console firmware updated to the latest version I mean above on 5.05 then you lose the opportunity to jailbreak your PS4 console.

So, the query is how to update the PS4 console firmware? Maybe you are not aware of that, a PS4 console can update with the help of a USB/flash drive. It means, if you update your console firmware with the help of a USB then you can update your console to any of the PS4 firmwares as per your choice. So as I told you above for an example if you are on 4.70 firmware and the jailbreakable version is 5.05 then first you need to download the PS4 firmware version from the below PS4 Firmwares and update your console firmware to 5.05 then you are able to jailbreak it.

PS4 Firmware

All PS4 Firmware’s

Official Firmwares
Firmware 8.52459MB Download
Firmware 8.50459MBDownload
Firmware 8.03454MBDownload
Firmware 8.01454MBDownload
Firmware 8.00454MBDownload
Firmware 7.55449MBDownload
Firmware 7.51449MBDownload
Firmware 7.50449MBDownload
Firmware 7.02447MBDownload
Firmware 7.01447MBDownload
Firmware 7.00447MBDownload
Firmware 6.72442MBDownload
Firmware 6.71442MBDownload
Firmware 6.70442MBDownload
Firmware 6.51442MBDownload
Firmware 6.50442MBDownload
Firmware 6.20426MBDownload
Firmware 6.02426MBDownload
Firmware 6.00426MBDownload
Firmware 5.56438MBDownload
Firmware 5.55438MBDownload
Firmware 5.53-01438MBDownload
Firmware 5.53438MBDownload
Firmware 5.50438MBDownload
Firmware 5.05357MBDownload
Firmware 5.03357MBDownload
Firmware 5.01357MBDownload
Firmware 5.00357MBDownload
Firmware 4.74324MBDownload
Firmware 4.73324MBDownload
Firmware 4.72324MBDownload
Firmware 4.71324MBDownload
Firmware 4.70324MBDownload
Firmware 4.55324MBDownload
Firmware 4.50324MBDownload
Firmware 4.07297MBDownload
Firmware 4.06297MBDownload
Firmware 4.05297MBDownload
Firmware 4.01297MBDownload
Firmware 4.00297MBDownload
Firmware 3.55286MBDownload
Firmware 3.50285MBDownload
Firmware 3.15262MBDownload
Firmware 3.11238MBDownload
Firmware 3.10238MBDownload
Firmware 3.00238MBDownload
Firmware 2.57233MBDownload
Firmware 2.55233MBDownload
Firmware 2.51233MBDownload
Firmware 2.50233MBDownload

Recovery Firmwares
Firmware 8.521012MBDownload
Firmware 8.501012MBDownload
Firmware 8.031007MBDownload
Firmware 8.011007MBDownload
Firmware 8.001007MBDownload
Firmware 7.551002MBDownload
Firmware 7.511002MBDownload
Firmware 7.501002MBDownload
Firmware 7.021001MBDownload
Firmware 7.011001MBDownload
Firmware 7.001001MBDownload
Firmware 6.72995MBDownload
Firmware 6.71995MBDownload
Firmware 6.70995MBDownload
Firmware 6.51995MBDownload
Firmware 6.50995MBDownload
Firmware 6.20979MBDownload
Firmware 6.02979MBDownload
Firmware 6.00979MBDownload
Firmware 5.56991MBDownload
Firmware 5.55991MBDownload
Firmware 5.53-01991MBDownload
Firmware 5.53991MBDownload
Firmware 5.50991MBDownload
Firmware 5.05910MBDownload
Firmware 5.03910MBDownload
Firmware 5.01910MBDownload
Firmware 5.00910MBDownload
Firmware 4.74876MBDownload
Firmware 4.73876MBDownload
Firmware 4.72876MBDownload
Firmware 4.71876MBDownload
Firmware 4.70876MBDownload
Firmware 4.55876MBDownload
Firmware 4.50876MBDownload
Firmware 4.07849MBDownload
Firmware 4.06849MBDownload
Firmware 4.05849MBDownload
Firmware 4.01849MBDownload
Firmware 4.00849MBDownload
Firmware 3.55838MBDownload
Firmware 3.50837MBDownload
Firmware 3.15814MBDownload
Firmware 3.11790MBDownload
Firmware 3.10790MBDownload
Firmware 3.00790MBDownload
Firmware 2.57785MBDownload
Firmware 2.55785MBDownload
Firmware 2.51785MBDownload
Firmware 2.50785MBDownload


Finally, we hope that you must have downloaded the required PS4 Firmware from the given PS4 Firmwares list. Further, if you need any help or assistance then write to us. We are available on Facebook and you should also subscribe our push notification for latest updates.

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