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Dead Age 2 PC SaveGame 100%

Dead Age 2 is a unique combination of survival, management, Rogue-Like events, turn-based combat, classic role-playing game with tons of quests and a story in which your decisions directly affect plot progression!

To install:
Copy to C:\Users*user name*\AppData\LocalLow \SilentDreams\DeadAge2

The beginning of the game, a lot of resources, max. reputation, mega weapon

My favorite zombie games are those that treat their worlds with the gravity of the situation at hand. Stuff like Dead Rising and Zombie Army are fun, but they don’t intend to capture the seriousness of what living in a world with the undead would be like. Dead Age 2 does aim to paint such a bleak picture, but it never quite gets there.

For fans of the zombie subgenre, Dead Age 2 has thought of most everything you could wish for: fortifying your home base, recruiting survivors and forming alliances, and scavenging for the last morsels of food in a dire world. On top of that, there are plenty of choices where, despite your intentions, you can’t make everyone happy.

But the game’s faultier fundamentals, like dialogue and combat, seep into the other more enjoyable areas and infect them, preventing Dead Age 2 from really becoming as enjoyable as it is multifaceted.

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