How to copy a savegame from your PSP ?

How to copy a savegame from your PSP ?

How to copy a savegame from your PC?
How to copy a savegame from your PSP ? 2

Attack PSP to the computer using USB
All individual savegame information can be found in menu Game> Saved Data Utility (PSP ?). The only thing to do is to choose the one for saving.

In the new menu click “Copy”.
Eventually, pick the folder for data storing.

All saved data will be maintained as it is stated: PSP / EXPORT / BACKUP

Do not stress out about the copying of the save game from PSP. Although, there are some steps that need to be taken, with some guidance it won’t be complicated even doing it for the first time. For those who are not aware on how to complete it, we provide the list of actions that will lead to a successful copying. Be precise – every detail is important and needs to be spotlighted. If you face some troubles, check for more information and consult with other users. Find a way to help yourself and improve personal skills.

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