How to copy a savegame from your PS3?

How to copy a savegame from your PS3? 3

How to copy a savegame from your PS3?

It’s easier than you can think.
Look for the “game” section in the general menu
Personal savegame is located in the menu Game > Saved Data Utility (PS3 ?), all you need to do is just click on the one you have chosen.

Press on the triangle-shaped button Triangle PS3
Click on “Copy” in showed up menu.
In the end, specify the location for storing by tapping on the icon “USB Device (USB Flash Drive)””

Caution: make sure that the connected device is in FAT32 format!

All saved data will be kept according to their expedience in the database structure: PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP

PS3 is very popular panel for save games but to copy files from it, a player should stay focused and precise. After doing the action few times, it will get easier and you will probably keep in mind all steps and locations where to store. The process is not difficult, although it needs user’s attention.

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