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Daxter PSP GameSave Download

Daxter PSP GameSave Download

Daxter PSP GameSave Download

Daxter is a platform video game developed by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony Computer Entertainment on the PlayStation Portable on March 14, 2006. A spin-off of the Jak and Daxter series, takes place during the 2-year timeskip occurring during the opening cutscene of Jak II; unlike the other installments of the franchise focusing primarily on Jak, the game focuses on the adventures of his sidekick Daxter while Jak is imprisoned.

Players assume the role of Daxter in his role as a bug exterminator, while he is searching for his friend Jak throughout the game’s story. can perform double jumping and ledge grabbing, can crouch to squeeze through narrow gaps, make use of trampolines to reach higher ledges and ride on ziplines, and make use of vehicles to move around the game world’s map. Portals and gateways are encounted within the main environment which lead to locations containing missions that players must complete in order to advance the story.

During the course of the game, can unlock “Dream Sequences”, a series of five bonus games located in a bedroom behind Osmo’s shop and unlocked by collecting Precursor Orbs. These mini-games feature dreaming himself into various movies as the hero, and on completing them will gain either a new attack ability, a health upgrade or attain gold, website codes or character costume modifications.

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