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Concrete Genie is an action-adventure game developed by Pixelopus, a developer part of SIE Worldwide Studios, for the PlayStation 4. The game was announced at Sony’s PlayStation Media Showcase at Paris Games Week 2017 on October 30, 2017,

Concrete Genie Collect last page front of you inside mail box. Perfectly Restored Trophy

Concrete Genie takes place in a small port town named Denska. Once thriving, it has been abandoned after an oil spill caused by a tanker, along with it being slowly taken over by a force simply called Darkness, which stems from negative emotions. The story focuses on Ash, a young teenager who spends his time drawing in his sketchbook. He is frequently targeted by a group of bullies: Zack, Beatrice, Froggie, and siblings Chuck and Janie.

One day, the bullies discover Ash’s sketchbook and rip out the pages, scattering them across the town. The bullies then force Ash into a cable car that takes him to Denska’s lighthouse island. Upon arriving, Ash sees one of the pages and chases it into the lighthouse. The drawing on the page, a creature called Luna, comes to life and guides Ash to a magic paint brush, which gives life to anything he paints. The brush also allows Ash to create Genies: friendly creatures based on chalk drawings that he made as a child. Luna requests that Ash remove the Darkness from Denska, to which he accepts.

Ash returns to Denska and starts bringing life back to the town and eliminating the Darkness, finding more pages and creating more Genies on the way. He sometimes crosses paths with the bullies, but when they try to take the brush, Ash experiences a vision of their past, revealing that they all had troubled childhoods: Zack ran away from home to escape from his constantly arguing parents, Chuck and Janie’s parents got separated, and Beatrice’s father was incarcerated. Froggie is implied to hang out with them only to avoid being bullied himself. Ash begins to feel sorry for the bullies.

Perfectly Restored Trophy

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