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Bomberman Land PSP GameSave Download

Bomberman Land PSP Game Save

Bomberman Land PSP GameSave Download

Bomberman Land PSP GameSave Download

Bomberman Land (also known as Bomberman Land PSP) is an action puzzle video game, part of the Bomberman series, that features a collection of various, Wii Remote-based minigames. The game is developed and published by Hudson Soft. It was released in Japan for Wii on March 8, 2007, January 29, 2008 in North America, and March 14, 2008 in Europe.

Bomberman gets an invitation to enter an amusement park called “Bomberman Land”, which he accepts. Upon arrival, he finds that his friends Cool Black and Cute Pink have also gotten invitations, as well as Giant Gold and his teammates of Team Gold, Kid Blue and Bookworm Green. After all the contestants arrive, the Director appears and tells them all about the park, the events and the rankings, and wishes them all the best of luck.

The Champion appears on the big screen and tells the contestants that he has taken over the park as well as taking the Director hostage. In time, the once fun land will become a place of chaos, so it is up to Bomberman to play the different events, win as many pieces as possible, and dethrone the Champion.

Bomberman Land Wii features the classic Bomberman Battle mode multiplayer. The Battle mode is also much more customizable than in past iterations of the game; multiple player options are available, and select rules can be chosen depending on the game being played.

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